Authentiek naar de straten

We begonnen met AMS, maar nu zetten we onze oddysee voort met de RTD! Gebouwd voor comfort en stijl, de RTD levert beide en meer. De RTD, met extra vering, geeft het gevoel alsof je op de wolken rijdt. Dit, in combinatie met zijn coole en unieke ontwerp, zijn magnifieke betrouwbaarheid en zijn verbijsterende snelheid en vermogen, heeft hem de bijnaam “The Wingman” opgeleverd.

STIJL: De combinatie van comfort, betrouwbaarheid en vermogen met ons kenmerkende ontwerp maakt deze fiets tot de beste optie voor iedereen die op zoek is naar een bevredigende rit. Compleet met een extra lange zitbasis, 20″ wielen, aluminium frame, volledige vering, krachtige 1200 lumen LED koplamp en LCD verlicht display, maakt deze e-bike elke trip zo soepel als boter.

EASY HOME ASSEMBLY: Elke fiets wordt geleverd met een gebruikershandleiding met eenvoudige instructies voor thuismontage (inclusief link naar online gids), fietsregistratie en garantie.


25 k/ph


op to 140 km
op een volle batterij


fully charged
4 to 6 hrs


32 kg

Details Knaap RTD

LED Lightning

De fiets heeft ingebouwde LED verlichting aan de voorkant en
back. The headlight is huge and awesome for lighting
up the road on a dark night.

For safety and better visibility.

1200 Lumen.

Low power use.

LCD Display With Illumination

The C961 LCD Display is especially designed for electric bicycles.

It shows the consumption of the battery, indicates the speed and the mileage.

High-quality materials.



Aluminium frame

The frame is made of aluminum and fits one or two people. Foldable footrests are mounted on the frame, so you can also sit comfortably on the back.


Maximum load: 150 kg.

Comfort zadel

A unique long seat base provides enough room for two adult passengers.

Scratch resistant.

Seat height: 83 cm.

Adjustable up to 5-10 cm higher.
(with height adjustment accessory)

Adjustable up to 5-10 cm higher.
(with height adjustment accessory)

Removable battery

Easy plug-and-charge battery giving you the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy an impressive assisted distance of up to 140 kms on a fully charged battery.

Empty to full: 4 to 6 hrs.

36V 21Ah Samsung Lithium-ion.

Anti-theft lock.

20" tires

The thick tires allow you to tackle all kinds of different terrains and get through everything. This
way you will not be bothered by dunes, beaches or mud.

Innova – Urban comfort.

Puncture proof.

Slick, 20"x 4".

Hydraulic braking system

The Tektro brakes with fully integrated hydraulic handbrakes deliver precision
stopping power in all weather conditions.

Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Front and rear.


Brushless motor

This motor delivers a power of 250W with a 36 Volt power supply. One of the world’s leading e-bike motors that ensures a quiet but powerful ride of up to 25km/h with five levels of power assist.

Bafang rear hub motor.

Low maintenance.

Long life.

Shift gear system

The bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur. Enabling you to glide through gear changes with comfort and ease.

Shimano 7 speed.

Thumb shifter.

Shimano transmission system.

RTD ONLY: Front fork

The RTD has impeccable front wheel suspension, making for an amazingly smooth ride.

Adjustable Suspension Fork.

Aluminum alloy.

Extreme comfort.

RTD ONLY: Frame suspension

The frame suspension gives great comfort for anyone sitting on the Knaap Bike; driver or passenger. This is why riding the RTD is an enjoyable experience while you look good doing it!

Suspension spring.

Aluminum alloy.

Extremely durable.


Length: 172 cm
Width: 68 cm
Height: 83 cm
Distance: max. 140 kilometer
Speed: max. 25 kilometer per hour
Display: C961 LCD screen
Engine: Bafang rear hub motor, 250 watt
Battery: 21Ah Samsung Lithium-ion
Wheels: Slick Street tires 20”x 4”
Charging time: 4 to 6 hours
Weight: 31 kg
Maximum load: 150 kg
Brakes: hydraulic Tektro brakes
Sensor: torque sensor
Gears: 7-speed Shimano
Unisex: suitable for male and female adults